Countries of the world

An independent country should own some essential things: the national flag, anthem, coat of arms, capital city, passport, official language, official currency, ISO country code, international calling code, country domain, etc. Nowadays, there are 195 independent sovereign nations on the globe, which include 193 sovereign states that are members of the United Nations and two non-member nations(the Holy See and the State of Palestine) that are permanent observer states.

The Continents of the world


Africa is divided into Northern Africa, Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, and Southern Africa. It includes 54 nations and has a population of 1,276 million.


Asia is divided into East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, West Asia, and North Asia. It includes 49 nations and has a population of 4,561 million.


Europe is divided into Northern Europe, Western Europe, Central Europe, Southern Europe, and Eastern Europe. It includes 50 nations and has a population of 742 million.

Middle East

The Middle East generally refers to the southern part of the eastern Mediterranean to the coast of the Persian Gulf. It is a part of Asia, includes about 23 nations and regions. The Middle East has more than 15 million square inches and a population of 490 million.

North America

North America is made up of three areas: Northern America, Central America, and The Caribbean. It includes 23 nations and has a population of 579 million.


Oceania has the smallest land area in the world. There are 14 nations in Oceania. It is the second smallest in population after Antarctica that has a population of 41 million.

South America

South America is the southern part of the American continent. It includes 14 nations and has a population of 423 million.

Top 10 Countries by GDP

Flag CountryYearValue(Millions)
Flag of United StatesUnited States2019$21,374,418.88
Flag of ChinaChina2019$14,342,902.84
Flag of JapanJapan2019$5,081,769.54
Flag of GermanyGermany2019$3,845,630.03
Flag of IndiaIndia2019$2,875,142.31
Flag of United KingdomUnited Kingdom2019$2,827,113.18
Flag of FranceFrance2019$2,715,518.27
Flag of ItalyItaly2019$2,001,244.39
Flag of BrazilBrazil2019$1,839,758.04
Flag of CanadaCanada2019$1,736,425.63
Flag of RussiaRussia2019$1,699,876.58