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Flag of Singapore

Flag of Singapore
The Flag of Singapore was adopted in 1959.
two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and white;
two equal horizontal bands of red (top) and white; near the hoist side of the red band, there is a vertical, white crescent (closed portion is toward the hoist side) partially enclosing five white five-pointed stars arranged in a circle; red denotes brotherhood and equality; white signifies purity and virtue; the waxing crescent moon symbolizes a young nation on the ascendancy; the five stars represent the nation\'s ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice, and equality

About Singapore

The Singaporean flag is the flag of the country named Singapore, officially the The Republic of Singapore, is a country in Asia, with an area of 725.7 square kilometers and a population of around 5,703,600. Its gdp is $372,062.53 Millions(2019). The capital of Singapore is Singapore, and the official currency is Singapore dollar(SGD).

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