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Flag of Kazakhstan

Flag of Kazakhstan
The Flag of Kazakhstan was adopted in 1992
A sky blue flag with a 32 rayed golden sun and steppe eagle at its centre with golden ornamental “Koshkar-muiz” on the left hand side.
a gold sun with 32 rays above a soaring golden steppe eagle, both centered on a sky blue background; the hoist side displays a national ornamental pattern "koshkar-muiz" (the horns of the ram) in gold; the blue color is of religious significance to the Turkic peoples of the country, and so symbolizes cultural and ethnic unity; it also represents the endless sky as well as water; the sun, a source of life and energy, exemplifies wealth and plenitude; the sun\'s rays are shaped like grain, which is the basis of abundance and prosperity; the eagle has appeared on the flags of Kazakh tribes for centuries and represents freedom, power, and the flight to the future

About Kazakhstan

The Kazakhs flag is the flag of the country named Kazakhstan, officially the The Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in Asia, with an area of 2,724,900 square kilometers and a population of around 18,711,200. Its gdp is $180,161.74 Millions(2019). The capital of Kazakhstan is Nur-Sultan, and the official currency is Kazakhstani tenge(KZT).

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