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Flag of Mauritius

Flag of Mauritius
The Flag of Mauritius was adopted in 1968.
four equal horizontal bands of red, blue, yellow, and green;
four equal horizontal bands of red (top), blue, yellow, and green; red represents self-determination and independence, blue the Indian Ocean surrounding the island, yellow has been interpreted as the new light of independence, golden sunshine, or the bright future, and green can symbolize either agriculture or the lush vegetation of the island

About Mauritius

The Mauritian flag is the flag of the country named Mauritius, officially the The Republic of Mauritius, is a country in Africa, with an area of 2,040 square kilometers and a population of around 1,265,475. Its gdp is $14,180.44 Millions(2019). The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis, and the official currency is Mauritian rupee(MUR).

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